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    I bought the myticket theme 10th Nov, 2018, but i have now decided to use the theme but the display of some widgets (Upcoming and today’s event) and among others doesn’t display anything even though the right setting has been configured. Secondly i realised the theme has being outdated therefore i like to receive help with regards to upgrade and general fixes on site.

    Thank you, hope to here from your soon


    Alinka Radionova

    1. Complete files and database backup of your current installation
    2. Get latest theme version from this source: (clear your browser’s cache before opening this link)
    3. Remove old theme files and install from new source.
    4. Make sure that new date/time fields are populated for products used in ticket selling.



    Thanks for the feedback, does this process affect the products in the store and already done configurations or customisations?



    I was unable to download this two package, will it necessary? please advice.
    [ ] myticket.export.dat 2020-04-12 10:04 3.6K
    [ ] myticket.wordpress.xml 2020-04-12 10:04 1.9M


    Alinka Radionova

    You do not need to reimport demo content. You may skip these files.

    myticket.export.dat 2020-04-12 10:04 3.6K
    myticket.wordpress.xml 2020-04-12 10:04 1.9M

    Your customizations, images, posts, pages will remain intact. However if you modified theme core files then only these customizations will be replaced.



    Please Find Screen shot and advice accordingly.
    I had WP_DEBUG set to “true” before the update, then i recieved the lines of code screenshot in A,B,C,. Even after i set the value to false it still display the log on the page, so i had //comment line 80 – 83 to have a clean.
    please advice on what to do thanks.



    here is another error message I found on the Admin page.
    I update Woocommerce and had the part A of attachment E cleared but But error B of Attached E still remains. i changed the theme to the parent but it didnt work.

    On site health here Attachment F,

    Is it ok if i update to wordpress 5.5 now considering some bugs that have been reported.

    I will also need help on how to set a default theme

    I have updated PHP version to latest on host (7.3) but Update PHP still remains.

    please help.

    However, my Upcoming and todays event works fine now after the update!


    Alinka Radionova

    Are you sure you have specified debug constants properly:

    Do you have any privacy plugins installed?

    Probably you may need to use PHP 7.4 as it the main release atm.

    Regarding woocommerce errors you can ignore them but we will provide an update briefly.



    Thank you, Debug Constants have been corrected and updated, thanks for the link.
    PHP Version has also been updated to 7.4 .

    1. About WordPress 5.5 Should i update?
    2. After update I still don’t have access to the seat reservation and myticket event plugin is still not updated.(ATTACHED)
    3. Can i get a tutorial on seat reservation if there is any please.
    Thank you soo much for your support and help.
    I will be standing by.


    Alinka Radionova

    Regarding seat creation tutorial this link can help:

    It is better to always have latest version. The warning in WordPress does not correspond to any potential problem.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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