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    Muriel Salpetrier

    !!!! None of my article pages is displayed !!!!
    Hello I use the theme madang I have a big problem since downloading the pro version SiteOrigne builder my article pages no longer appear. I have already deactivated all the plugins and I have contacted that this comes from this extension.
    I put in copy an example of the blank page the address of my site:
    Another bug in the theme, the testimonials widget has a problem it does not display all the text on the right side.
    I ask for your help it would be the most precious for the good functioning of my site which is on naturopathy information.
    thank you in advance awaiting your response.


    Alina Radionava

    Hi Muriel,

    Our engineer has checked the website and here is the feedback:

    The page is not being loaded due to an internal error on your website (error code 500). The nature of this error requires a more deep analysis of the backend of the website as it may be caused by a simple server misconfiguration or even a database failure.

    1. You can enable debug log as it may shed some light on the error: https://kenzap.blog/how-to-enable-debug-log-in-wordpress/
    2. Check your server logs for errors. Your website running on Apache server: https://blog.codeasite.com/how-do-i-find-apache-http-server-log-files/#:~:text=Default%20error%20log%20file%20location,%2Flog%2Fapache2%2Ferror.
    3. If you want to request a professional engineering support this link might be helpful: https://kenzap.com/wordpress-website-audit-and-bug-fixing-1014971/


    Muriel Salpetrier

    Hello I thank you for your answer I have all that had suggested to me that still does not work any article page is displayed. However, when I deactivate the SiteOrgine builder extension, all the pages are displayed correctly.
    Why ?
    All extensions and wordpress version are up to date with the latest version.
    FYI this error started when I upgraded SiteOrigine lite to pro version.


    Muriel Salpetrier

    Here is the error code that it gives me in the debugged file:
    2021-04-24T01:03:51+00:00 CRITICAL Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function madang_sharing(), 0 passed in /home/victorchdw/www/wp-content/themes/madang/template-parts/content-blog-fullwidth.php on line 54 and exactly 1 expected in /home/victorchdw/www/wp-content/themes/madang/inc/template-tags.php:273
    Stack trace:
    #0 /home/victorchdw/www/wp-content/themes/madang/template-parts/content-blog-fullwidth.php(54): madang_sharing()
    #1 /home/victorchdw/www/wp-includes/template.php(732): require(‘/home/victorchd…’)
    #2 /home/victorchdw/www/wp-content/plugins/siteorigin-panels/inc/widgets/post-loop.php(461): load_template(‘/home/victorchd…’, false)
    #3 /home/victorchdw/www/wp-content/plugins/siteorigin-panels/inc/widgets/post-loop.php(221): SiteOrigin_Panels_Widgets_PostLoop::locate_template(‘template-parts/…’, true, false)
    #4 /home/victorchdw/www/wp-includes/class-wp-widget.php(380): SiteOrigin_Panels_Widgets_PostLoop->widget(Array, Array)
    #5 /home/victorchdw/www/wp-includes/widgets.php(823): WP_Widget->display_callback(Array, Arr dans /home/victorchdw/www/wp-content/themes/madang/inc/template-tags.php à la ligne 273


    Muriel Salpetrier

    Ello I found the error it was the side widget that was misconfigured.
    Thank you for your attention to my request.

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