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    I am trying to figure this theme out.
    1) Please can you tell me if this site is the same functionality as
    Just a booking platform where event-goers look for events locally.
    Wherein customers create their events and publish them.

    2) We are based in London but the website location seems to be limited to the USA only. How can we activate geolocation

    3) Registration/Login
    We want to add Social media and Gmail as form of registration/Login please advice how to go about


    Alinka Radionova

    Hi there, thank you for reaching us.

    1) This theme is optimized for a single vendor ticket seller not a multi vendor. User and content management, billing collection, payout redistribution is something that has to be implemented separately. Please note that portals like Eventbrite do not rely on WordPress. Due to specific nature and structure of this online business you may need to develop you own custom solution that exactly matches your requirements.

    2) You may rely on some plugin here:

    3) Same can rely on a plugin here:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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