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    hello I installed and activated the theme file and plugins. But how do I upload the demo is asking me for these files. Can you help me please ? wordpress panel login information:
    User: kubraokumuss_k234c76f
    Pass: !0G7nFsd4K


    Alinka Radionova

    Dear Asena, 

    Have you tried following this guide:

    In short you need to go to setup > setup wizard to finalize installation with demo content.

    Warning notice.

    Never submit your WordPress credentials publicly as it may get compromised. We recommend you change your password immediately.


    I changed my password.I read the instructions but there is no ‘setup wizard’ section in my panel. How should I do ?


    I just downloaded “installable wordpress file”. and I installed it. Then I downloaded all the files of the theme. from here I added the file from the “plugins / add new plugin” tab. The plug-in could not be added.


    Alinka Radionova

    What error is displayed when you are adding madang plugin?


    hello again. I have a problem. I added one more to the promo page. In the Promo1 category. but why doesn’t it show up on the website?( ) There are 7 websites, 6 of them appear, can you help?


    Alinka Radionova

    There is actually a limit how many promo records can be displayed by default.

    You can update this part code:

    function madang_shortcode_promo( $atts, $content = null ) {
    	$atts = shortcode_atts(array(
    		"category"      => '',
    		"image"         => '',
            "show_header"   => 'true',
            "per_page"      => '6',
            "type"          => ''
    	), $atts);

    and set per_page parameter to 7 under ..wp-content/themes/madang/inc/shortcodes/madang-promo.php file.


    thank you i did


    hello FAQ section not working? When I click on the questions, the answer part doesn’t open.
    Could you help? Thank you.


    Alinka Radionova

    Try updating theme from this source:

    – Clear browser cache before accessing this page. It bug related to recent update in some javascript files.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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