I can't locate the demo upload files.

Forums Community I can't locate the demo upload files.

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    Samson Ajayi

    After unzipping the folder i wasn’t able to locate the Json, XML and DAT files for demo data. i Just purchased the theme a week ago. I need an urgent reply on this. Thanks.


    Alina Radionava

    Hi Samson,

    It’s built into the theme. Please make sure tk follow installation guide carefully: https://kenzap.blog/how-to-install-wordpress-theme/


    Samson Ajayi

    Hi Alina,

    You said it’s built into the theme yet after activating the theme and the plugins no demo data of the theme, and after clicking of the Import Demo Data i was asked to import the files manually. I got this message “There are no predefined import files available in this theme. Please upload the import files manually!”.

    Please help sort this as soon as possible.




    If you try to install content manually certain configurations won’t migrate to your website causing layout issues.

    Please make sure to follow this guide carefully: https://kenzap.blog/how-to-install-wordpress-theme/

    Based on your screens it looks like you have not installed sayidan-plugin from plugins section. You then need to go to Setup > Setup Wizard section to finalize automatic installation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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